Our food philosophy encompasses natural, nutritious and animal friendly food, which is healthy for people, good for the environment and very tasty at the same time! We don't believe that chemicals should be served on the plate, and therefore our vegetables, fruits and food products are all grown and produced organically.

Our vegan food products can be bought directly on the farm or in healthy food stores across Croatia. All of our products are produced with great care for quality and are organically certified. Our main vegan palette consists of Seitan, Tofu and 3 types of Vegan Burgers. We make Seitan and Tofu as raw, smoked, fried and BBQ grilled. We also make a variety of organic flours in our mill powered by water. You can take your pick from classical wheat, spelt, corn and rye flours or more exotic ones such as rice, buckwheat, chickpea and millet flours. 

You can find our products in healthy food retail stores across Croatia. Bio&Bio, Garden and smaller stores in Croatia all sell a variety of our vegan food products.

If you live or are staying in Zagreb and wish to taste our products, we can deliver them to you directly on Tuesdays and Fridays. Just make sure to send us the order by clicking the button below. 🙂

We also offer food catering for group events, weddings and other celebrations either directly on our farm or on other locations in Zagreb and close to it. You can choose your menu from our vegetarian or vegan soups, spreads, breads & bagels, salads, main courses and desserts. 

Repro Eko bean soup
Repro Eko cranberry pie
Repro Eko marmelade
Repro Eko rye yeast
Repro Eko Quinotto
Repro Eko vegan grill
Repro Eko cereals
Repro Eko fried seitan
Repro Eko mum's bread
Repro Eko okra
Repro Eko berries
Repro Eko green smoothie
Repro Eko wild blueberries&chia
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Repro Eko bread dough 2
Repro Eko raw cake
Repro Eko Dragica baking
Repro Eko pickles
Repro Eko pumpkin