Welcome to Repro Eko Farm!

We are an organic farm, family food business and a vacation & retreat place. You can find us in Croatia in the village of Volavje, 40km from the capital city of Zagreb and an hour and 40 minutes drive from the Adriatic coast.

Our Story

Repro Eko Farm is almost 100 years old. 15 years ago, partners in crime and marriage Dragica and Drago Repar (aka D&D) started to renovate it. The best secret to endure hard work is to have an enormous amount of inspiration. And the right team of people to hold your back! And so it was that Dragica’s desire to create healthy, nutritious, tasty and animal-friendly food fuelled the creation of Repro Eko Farm. She started creating delicious recipes and selling the food she produced and has not stopped doing what she loves till this day. Drago’s golden hands are always busy with fixing everything that breaks on the farm. He also does amazing woodwork. Repro Eko Farm’s dedicated team (Mira, Željka, Irena, Dražen & Kristina) helps create the food magic and keeps the farm trimmed, pretty and working. D&D’s children Karlo and Nina enjoy spending as much time as they can at the farm and help out.

The farm is made of a main house with guest rooms, an old mill powered by water that produces organic flour and a side building with small vegan food production facility. There is also a newly reconstructed country-style shed for retreats, weddings and team-building activities. The property is surrounded by nature. There’s a small stream, big green meadow, fruit trees and vegetable garden where you can run away from stress and immerse yourself in the nature

At Repro Eko Farm you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal under the newly refurbished shed with Repar family as your hosts. Or drink a cup of herbal tea on the small wooden bridge by the stream and simply enjoy the view into the green from the garden sofa.

Who knows, you may even wish to get married here, which would be lovely because that is something Repro Eko Farm is glad to help you with! If you prefer to celebrate your life as it is, without a husband or a wife (or with the existing ones), Repro Eko Farm can help you organise a party. And if you just want to get some time for your inner needs and step away from the everyday treadmill, our own Yoga ReLeaf retreats are happy to help you relax, unwind and refocus.


“One of my best holidays!”

"One of my best holidays has been on this charming farm nestled in the woods 40 kms off Zagreb. The experience at Repro Eko Farm is unparalleled to any other home stay or BnB experience because the Repars take hospitality to a completely different dimension –they live it! According to the ancient Hindu scripture, ‘The guest is equivalent to God'; अतिथिदेवो भव; and 2000 miles away from home I found this practiced by this beautiful, positive, warm Croatian household. We spent long dinners devouring the best food and even longer walks in the woods to digest the sumptuous, organic, homecooked food. Would I go there again? Hell yes! Would I recommend it? In a heartbeat! What makes Repro Eko Farm special is the couple running the place – Drago and Dragica are the Yin & Yang to each other. Don't miss his home-made wine and I am sure you won’t miss her charm, warmth and wit."
Jeetika Lamba
Jeetika Lamba, india

“"Eat, Love, Happiness!”

"During our vacation in Croatia, we wanted to enjoy not only the sea side but also experience the Croatian countryside. Repro Eko Farm is just the perfect place to be/get spoiled with delicious food, relax in the nature, enjoy great Croatian hospitality and get some great sleep in a quiet place. The family running the place will do everything to make you happy: either with a healthy and freshly made smoothie for breakfast, a tasty vegetarian dish incl. home-made seitan or tofu and vegetables from the garden, and freshly baked apple pie (even if you think you cannot eat anything more, it will work as it's soooo yummy 😃) or with the self-made organic wine from the farm. Even the flour for the bread and the cake is produced with the mill on the farm. The farm itself is located in the woods and a nice little river is passing through the property. So the perfect setting to calm down, enjoy life and be happy!"
Nathalie Schnepf
Nathalie Schnepf, Germany

“Beautiful place”

"Although we will always remember Repro Eko Farm as a place where we had our wedding party in 2012, this farm continues to fascinate us with its beauty. You can celebrate many things at Repro Eko Farm, eat vegetarian and vegan food, prevent animal cruelty, drink their home made "Happy wine"... We recommend Repro Eko Farm to anyone who likes nice surroundings, excellent hosts and perfect food! GOOOOOO! We have been lucky to spend 10 hours photographing the farm together with 3 Repars recently, bunch of cats and one Mr. Duck were also there. As they have a mill on the property, you can buy different types of flour, polenta and they also make beautiful tofu, seitan burgers, vege zagrebački, fried and grilled meat supplements!! We totally recommend visiting!!"
Sanja&Nikola vjenjcanje
Sanja & Nikola Ćurić,Croatia

“Experience close to heart”

"The visit to Repro Eko Farm was one of the most memorable experiences close to heart! We were in Croatia for 10 days and wanted to have a different experience from that of the conventional tourists. We spoke to our friend Nina who manages the property together with her parents and she coordinated everything for us. Unbeatable vegan/vegetarian home cooked meals prepared by Dragica and awesome "Sretno Vino" (Happy wine) made by Drago kept us very very happy. They even make their own produce like burgers, flour etc. We had fun doing some farm work too. If you are tired of hotels, city life and conventional tourism, Repro Eko Farm is the place to be where home meets fun while you are still travelling!"
Gopi Krishna & Aastha Bhatia, india

“A place to recharge”

"My time spent at Repro Eko Farm was a vital stop off, a place where I was able to charge my mental, physical, and spiritual batteries. The hosts provided me with the oasis I had been craving after a hectic couple of months travelling Europe. My stay offered a lovely environment, beautiful surroundings, delicious and wholesome vegetarian food (I’m still daydreaming about the smoked seitan burgers!), and the space to reconnect with nature, and of course practice yoga with the wonderful Nina. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking a peaceful and serene atmosphere in which to unwind and recharge."
Emma Dobbie, Australia


"I had the fortune to spend some days at Repro Eko Farm in different times in the year and if I would need to describe it with one word I would say magical! The house has plenty of cozy corners to rest with different ambiances that had been perfectly preserved through generations. It is a place to relax surrounded by nature and eat honest & great vegetarian food, mostly own produced. It is just the perfect place to enjoy with all your senses. Nina is a very perceptive yoga teacher that brings during the time together exactly what you need. She makes sure that you relax and enter deep in the practice. It has been very useful to hear from her the specific benefits for each pose and to learn how to give the right amount of effort without pressure and at the same time to observe and accept my own limits!"
Luisa Castro
Luisa Castro, Mexico

“I would definitely come back again”

"Repro Eko Farm is a peaceful and quiet place where you can relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as delicious home-cooked vegetarian food. The hosts Drago and Dragica are wonderful people. Their warmth and kindness made me feel as if I were at home. I have already been there twice, and I would definitely come back again."
Manuel Paredes, peru

“Wonderful place”

"Wonderful, quiet place, ideal for relaxation and of course yoga! We had a blast practicing yoga with Nina, who is a true yoga teacher! Hosts were very welcoming, food was delicious, and surroundings perfect for walking and exploring nature. If you are looking for a place where you can eat healthy, meditate, and spend time outdoors, this is definitely a place for you!"
Andela Vidulic
Anđela vidulić, serbia

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